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 Issue 9

Title ¡J To fling parallel reactor into transformer with on and off
Author¡J Wang Z. H.
Abstract¡J This article is going to make a description of the phenomenon of parallel reactor to fling into transformer with on and off, and brief the characteristic of breaker on parallel reactor when on and off. Finally, introducing how to restrain the excessive voltage when parallel reactor is on and off. And just a reference material for reader.
Title ¡J 161kV SF6Gas Insulated Transformer
Author¡J Roger Chan
Abstract¡J Owing to a large crowd of people lived in concentrated city for the past years, and the power consumption continue to go up. The resident who lived around the substation pay attention to the environment more and more. For safety, a switch which has incombustibility, explosion-proof and safety has become to use on many kinds of facilities of power system¡CThe total quantity of the 161kv SF Gas Insulated Transformer at this invention is three and planed to install in TPI¡]Taiwan Power Company¡^Gi Shen substation of Taipei. It¡¦s the first one extra high voltage 161kV SF6 Gas Insulated Transformer in Taiwan. Not only technology level, manufacturing manner but also test methods is a challenge recently. FE ( Fortune Electric ) had finished all of the test items after overcome those difficulties. It may be said Taiwan¡¦s technology of power facilities have gone forward.
Title ¡J The guiding principle and points for attention when design transformer
Author¡J Robert Cheng
Abstract¡J This text focus on large-sized transformer and provide those designers with main points and related key points.

 Issue 8

Title ¡J Amorphous metal core and casting resin transformer
Author¡J Chingjung Tsai
Abstract¡J When distribution transformer replace by Amorphous alloy core transformer, that means we may remit to build a Shihmen Dam and¤ÎGi Gong power plant, and we don¡¦t spend any fuel fees, machine equipment operation , maintenance casting resin transformer e fees and the fees of related construction for power transportation (including land, pylon distribution line etc.), so Amorphous alloy core transformer is called Fuelless Generator. Amorphous alloy core transformer except those advantages as above. It even combines the safety of casting resin transformer.
Title ¡J The application of electromagnetic field (EMF) analysis technology on power transformer design.
Author¡J Juang Chuang
Abstract¡J It has been paid much attention to those key questions on transformer design when apply the newest analysis technology of electric field and magnetic field to discuss the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction, insulation intensity design¡Belectromagnetic and mechanical force, and thermal results. This text focus on the introducing the analysis technology by using computer numerical analysis to develop power transformer electromagnetic field, and discuss the trend of transformer in the future.
Title ¡J The research for limited element on transformer electric field intensity calculation
Author¡J Shung Z. H.
Abstract¡J Discussing the intensity of transformer and the influence from partial area. The text has constructed a practical transformer model by using the method of limited element to find out electric field intensity, and also discussing the disposition relationship between oil and tank.

 Issue 7

Title ¡J Three phase five-limb construction core power transformer for factory
Author¡J Robert Cheng
Abstract¡J The three phase five-limb construction core power transformer has become the first one extra high capacity transformer of 161kV-180MVA which is to use for power plant. The contents of this composition is partial to core construction, inner electrical crosspiece points and the research process of transformer.
Title ¡J Predicition on transformer for the rest of its life
Author¡J S.M.Wang
Abstract¡J Currently, those transformers operated more than thirty years are easy to find everywhere. If those equipments can be used longer, it will be more important on economy. This composition will describe the diagnosis the rest of life for transformer insulation, and will use case study to be the main topic to introduce technology development and current transformer diagnosis.
Title ¡J The strategy on solving factory harmonics problem
Author¡J W.S Wu
Abstract¡J The electric power in Taiwan harmonics problem can¡¦t ignore any longer, Moreover, gate fluid electric facilities increase greatly and electric railway to be added . From now on, the harmonics problem will be critical more and more. For this reason, TPC(Taiwan Power Company) has drawn up the limited value of high harmonics on power system since May in1987,and require power consumers obey the regulations¡C

 Issue 6

Title ¡J The past and future for power transformer
Author¡J W.S Wu
Abstract¡J The Ganz company of Hungary has made the first practicality transformer since 1885 has 115 years¡¦ history¡COwing to the technology of transformer has made progress, the transformer will go high voltage and large capacity continuously .Those transformers had the identical capacities will be small type , lightweight, low wastage, and high reliability¡C
Title ¡J The low wastage design for power transformer
Author¡J Robert Cheng
Abstract¡J The main body of transformer consists of core, coil¡]winding¡^,tank and accessories. Most of them will result wastage more or less. The total of the wastage will influence the efficiency of transformer. Transformer has been playing a very important role on power transmission distribution circuit. Therefore, to raise the efficiency of transformer is another important method to save energy besides to heighten the voltage to lower circuit wastage.
Title ¡J The calculation method of transformer on ventilation and cooling design
Author¡J Yang Yang ¡® Tsai Kydtsai
Abstract¡J The heat wastage of inner machine will enable the temperature going up when the electric machine is operated. Because the insulation will accelerate to be bad, and lead to shorten the life of machine and out of order. The cooling design has played a very important role on the long time safety operation of electric machine.

 Issue 5

Title ¡J Super Conductor Transformer
Author¡J W.S Wu
Abstract¡J The object has zero resistance is called super conductor. In the past¡AThe super conductor is only suitable for DC current, and the range of technology that can be applied is limited. Fortune Electric has developed successfully on 50/6OHz AC Super Conductor lead in 1983. Its advantage is to minimize and lighten the wastage of transformer. The more capacity the transformer has , the more economic benefits the super conductor transformer will be higher.
Title ¡J The Extra High Voltage Power Transformer
Author¡J Robert Cheng
Abstract¡J The transmission line from north to south in Taiwan is 345kV,and also the highest voltage system in Taiwan, is called Extra High Voltage, The next is 161kV which is called very high voltage, the last one is 69kV which is called high voltage¡CNo matter the Extra High Voltage used on power plant or the Extra High Voltage used on substation which design and manufacturing technology all havet the low wastage, minimize and low noise. The main purpose just for fear that the new energy resources is hard to get.

 Issue 4

Title ¡J Very High Voltage, Large Capacity Mobile Transformer
Author¡J Robert Cheng
Abstract¡J For reducing the loss to minimize ,it¡¦s necessary to shorten the time of power failure. Mobile Transformer is just in charge of responsity and act as the urgent business for electricity and load. On the same transport conditions, Mobile Transformer trend to highvoltage and large capacity. It will be a new technology challenge for manufacturer.
Title ¡J Gas Insulated Transformer
Author¡J W.S Wu
Abstract¡J The city¡¦s substation pay very attention to fire prevention and safety problem. The main transformer has gradually trend to adopt incombustible casting resin transformer or incombustible Gas Insulated Transformer in place of immersed transformer.
Title ¡J The high efficiency operation method of transformer
Author¡J S. M. Wang
Abstract¡J The efficiency of transformer is not to take ratio of input and output from real load condition. However by using output and loss¡]the criterion is to have the summary of no load loss and the loss get by short circuit test, then using output / output +loss) to get the percentage (%)which is defined efficiency, that is stipulations of an agreement. The most important thing is full-time efficiency. The transformer has the higher full-time efficiency is the real high efficiency transformer.
Title ¡J The forces of electromagnetic mechanism of a transformer
Author¡J Sau Lee
Abstract¡J Electromagnetic mechanism forces will occur in windings due to the relation between current and magnetic field during a transformer in operation. This article deals with the issues of electromagnetic mechanism forces.
Title ¡J The manufacturing procedure of a large capacity transformer.
Author¡J J.H Lai
Abstract¡J This article deal with the  working condition¡Bproduction procedure ¡Band manufacturing facilities for a ultra-high voltage ¡Boil-immersed large capacity transformer. Fortune company constructed a plant for manufacturing large capacity transformers. the major purpose of the plant with 3 points ¡J
        1.Cost down.
        2.Shortening delivery time.
        3.Raising quality.

 Issue 3

Title ¡J The development tendency of transformer technologies
Author¡J W.S Wu
Abstract¡J Because of hard looking for a land for constructing a substation in cities, facilities like transformers have been gradually developed to be indoor and grounded style. As regards safety ,indoor type substations are requested to be non-flammable, thus non-flammable facilities like SF6 transformers are produced, to cooperate substation to be grounded and inconvenient condition for transportation , it is needed to install  ultra-high voltage ¡Blarge capacity transformers in suburbs. A new ¡Bdetachable  transformer for transportation has been developed recently.
Title ¡J Non-soundproof wall low noise transformer
Author¡J Robert Cheng
Abstract¡J The major noise of a substation is from power transformer.  Up to now, domestic low noise transformers are divided into ¡§ indoor type¡¨ and  ¡§soundproof wall type¡¨. Taiwan Power Company started purchasing ¡§Non-soundproof wall type¡¨ transformers in 1992, Fortune company leads foreign technology in actively and has developed this type of transformers successfully.
Title ¡J Diagnosis technology for oil-immersed transformer
Author¡J Samuel Sun
Abstract¡J Transformer once causes a breakdown that will create a large social effect. As a result, it is essential to maintain transformers perfectly so that a failure could be avoided.
Title ¡J Interblended material core
Author¡J Sau Lee
Abstract¡J Transformer core employs flowing flux to convey currents from primary to secondary windings. Though core before manufacturing has been calculated particularly   for its dimension and weights.  We sometimes have to use different silicon steel material for lack of silicon steel specified.

 Issue 2

Title ¡J On-load tap changer for power transformer
Author¡J J.H Lai
Abstract¡J A power transformer in operation with a heavy load, a device can proceed tap changing is designated ¡§ on-load tap changer ¡¨(OLTC). Today the rating (voltage and current) of OLTC  is now adequately for all the needs of industrial transformers.
Title ¡J Transformer design for saving energy and its properties
Author¡J Samuel Sun
Abstract¡J Today, due to the efficiency of a transformer is approximately 90% above, it belongs a high efficiency transformer. Development of Amorphous material core and technology of high-molecule insulation material to minimize insulation clearance for lowering a transformer losses will cause the increase on quantity of materials because of the increase of weight of transformer, also, it will cause the increase of cost. So it is limited to increase transformer weight for lowering its losses.
Title ¡J Method of marking position of Partial discharge for transformer
Author¡J W.S Wu
Abstract¡J With 2 methods for marking position of partial discharge, they are RIV (Radio Influence Voltage) and ERA (Electrical Research Association)
Title ¡J Temperature restraint and lifespan for oil-immersed transformer
Author¡J Robert Cheng
Abstract¡J Interior insulation will be destroyed gradually after a transformer running normally for a span, at the same time, transformer will gradually not be able to endure the mechanism forces caused by failure due to short circuit from exterior condition, as long as either electric or structure cannot endure such a circumstance occurs, it is the end of lifespan for the transformer.
Title ¡J Design for 5-legs distribution transformer (Wye-Wye connection)
Author¡J J.H Lai
Abstract¡J For a 3-legs Y-Y connection transformer, except for the problem of zero sequence, the possibility of the disadvantageous   influence caused by third harmonic that may affect the quality of a power system, so 4-legs or 5-legs designs are usually used for Y-Y connection transformers. Because of no route of circulation for zero magnetic flux results in an abnormal circular route, this abnormal circulating magnetic flux may cause the tank to be continually heated which lead to the paint peel off, even make the tank come read because of over heating.

 Issue 1

Title ¡J How to purchase the most economic transformers
Author¡J W.S Wu
Abstract¡J Buying a new car, except for its price, we will think about its consumption of gasoline for running.  The total cost for buying a transformer should be the total of expense for its consumption of electricity in its lifespan, as well as its buying cost. Calculating the cost of losses for running and evaluation of total cost to choose the most economic transformer.
Title ¡J The comparison of structure and property for stacking core
Author¡J Robert Cheng
Abstract¡J A transformer is a voltage-transformable ¡Bmotionless electric machine, it enacts a very important role in power and telecommunication systems, the coil formed with cores and windings could be designated the heart of a transformer, therefore, whether a core is good or not relates to working property of a transformer.   
Title ¡J Low noise power transformer
Author¡J W.S Wu
Abstract¡J Though noise of power transformers in domestic substation conform with American NEMA standard, noise from transformers suffer often protest from people who live adjacent to substation. The success of development on Non-soundproof wall low noise transformer is very suitable to be installed in town centers.
Title ¡J Online monitoring system for substation facilities
Author¡J Robert Cheng /  T.S Hsu
Abstract¡J A device can monitor all of old or new power facilities. Due to outside problems that may lead to failure of power facilities are now on the increase, to deal with the rise on environmental awareness and raise reliability of facilities, Preventative Maintenance Program is widely adopted in recent years.
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