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Employee Benefits

Fortune Electric Co., Ltd. has a complete employee benefits program,including an Employee Benefit Committee, which functions expressly to protect the employee's rights and benefits. This committee promotes trust and loyalty among workers and helps to cultivate amity between employees and management.

Health and life insurance, frigne benefits, profit sharing, stock purchasing plan and pension plan are among Fortune's advantages for employees. Additional amenities include tuition aid for continuous education and scholarship for employees' children.

We also offer the dormitory for singled employees and low interest housing mortgage for married couples. There are all kinds of recreational facilities in the dormitory. Group involvement progreams such as sport tournaments, picnics, parties and vacation trips are also stressed.

Job Opening

Job Opening:“Operations Research Analyst sought by Fortune Electric Co., Ltd. Job site: Hermitage, PA. Resume to 1965 Shenango Valley Freeway, Hermitage, PA 16148. Attn. Darby Baggott”

Position:Operations Research Analyst (Full-Time)

Duties: Work under the supervision of General Manager to perform the following: Conduct analysis of business operations, development and management problems. Analyze and define problems and prepare proposals for change or modification of current systems. Study economic and marketing information and select plans that will generate maximum probability of profits and efficiencies. Prepare reports to management defining problems. Develop technical and/or non-technical solutions to business needs and changes by gathering, compiling and reviewing information and data, and by examining and evaluating existing systems and procedures. Research the impact that changing regulations and corporate policies/procedures may have on company's operations. Prepare preliminary interpretations of analyses for project teams, clients, and/or management. Recommend suggested action steps based on the analysis results. Prepare reports in accordance with the analytical results.