Major Events

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  • Produced and exported ultra-high voltage 530kV power transformers to the U.S.,became the first transformer manufacturer in Taiwan with the technical capability to produce 530kV transformers.
  • Operations of self-operated charging parking lot began.
  • Completed development and production of smart meters.
  • Longjing energy storage system successfully connected to the grid.
  • Successfully developed the first ultra-low noise transformer in Taiwan and completed the assembly test in Australia on 2017/7/18.
  • Ultra-low noise transformer won US and Australian invention patents.
  • First domestic sale of PV Boxes.
  • Awarded the 15th place in the 2016 of Common Wealth Magazine CSR Corporate Citizen Award.
  • Awarded the 10th Service Quality Excellence Award in Taoyuan City.
  • High efficiency amorphous core transformer (1500kVA) awarded the Green Mark.
  • Fortune and Hitachi jointly established "Hitachi Fortune Transformer, Inc.", a new factory in the Taichung Free Trade Port Area, which is the only transformer factory manufactures ultra-high voltage 500kV in Southeast Asia.
  • Verified by BSI British Standards Association, obtained ISO50001 Energy Management System Verification Certificate.
  • Passed ISO27001 certification.
  • Developing green energy industry==> Established charging station operation center.
  • Acquired carbon label of B2B amorphous core transformer product of Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’Association.
  • Acquired "underground four-way automatic line switch" certification qualified manufacturer.
  • Established "Hitachi Fortune Transformer, Inc." jointly with Hitachi, Japan (Hitachi).
  • The 10th Information Disclosure Appraisal was awarded the "A Grade" rating.
  • The only one for Domestic company that passed KEMA short circuit test of 230kV 240MVA large transformer in the Netherlands.
  • Passed CESI 2500kVA short circuit test in the Italian laboratory.
  • The 9th Information Disclosure Appraisal was awarded the "A Grade" rating.
  • The 8th Information Disclosure Appraisal was awarded the "A Grade" rating.
  • Taipower officially opened, established the country's largest 4.6MW Yongan solar power plant on October 1, 2011.
  • The 7th Information Disclosure Appraisal was awarded the "A Grade" rating.
  • Fortune Electric University was established.
  • Awarded 2010 Taiwan Magnetic Technology Industry Contribution Award.
  • Fortune Electric Zhongli 1st factory, Guanyin 2nd and 3rd factory passed the verification of the Standard Inspection Bureau of Taiwan Occupational Safety and Health Management System (TOSHMS).
  • Fortune Electric (Wuhan) Ltd. awarded the 2008 GE Energy Shanghai Supplier Conference Excellence in Customer Centricity Award.
  • A new export record 450MVA Auto transformer.
  • Awarded the ninth place in the 2007 Golden Trade Awards export growth rate and the 380th in the 2007 import and export performance.
  • Awarded the "National Sustainable Development Award" of the Executive Yuan.
  • The first batch of Taiwan production for MRT is powered by DC traction power system.
  • Fortune Electric Zhongli Factory's amorphous environmental protection and energy-saving transformer awarded the government's seven environmental protection seals.
  • Awarded the first Taoyuan County Evergreen Enterprise Excellence Award.
  • Awarded the 8thIndustrial Sustainable Excellence Award.
  • The first batch in Taiwan production is delivered by DC traction power system.
  • Start up "Engineering & Construction Division " to handle substation, power plant engineering and construction.
  • Successfully developed 161 kV 80MVAR Shunt Reactor.
  • Successfully manufactured 1st 345kV 638.5 MVA Generator Transformer.
  • Wuhan FE distribution transformer plant completed the development and type test for 110kV class oil filled transformer.
  • Successfully completed the contractual and commissioning work of 6th Power Transmission Engineering at Chu Lin and Liu chung Substation of Taiwan Power Company.
  • One unit of substation type oil fill transformer, 67 kV 33.6 MVA with on load tap changer, manufactured in FE Power Transformer Plant in Guan Yin passed Short Circuit Test at KEMA.
  • Fortune Distribution Transformer Plant in Chung Li Successfully developed NEMR 3R enclosure for 8750kVA Cast Resin Transformer.
  • One unit of 1500 kVA oil fill transformer manufactured in FE Distribution Transformer Plant in Wuhan passed Short Circuit Test.
  • One unit of 8750 kVA oil filled transformer manufactured in FE Distribution Transformer Plant in Wuhan passed Short Circuit Test.
  • One unit of 3600 kVA Cast Resin Transformer manufactured in Distribution Transformer Plant in Chung Li passed Short Circuit Test.
  • One unit of 10kV class oil filled transformer manufactured in FE Distribution Transformer Plant in Wuhan successfully passed short circuit test.
  • Fortune was the 1st of all general electrical manufacturers in Taiwan to be awarded of OHSAS18001 by Taiwan National Standard Bureau for its three plants in Chung Li, the distribution transformer plant, Guan Yin II, the power transformer plant, and Guan Yin III, the switchgear plant.
  • Successfully developed the 1st 161kV Series Reactor in Taiwan.
  • FE Distribution Transformer Plant in Wuhan started production.
  • Successfully developed the 1st 161kV, SF6 Gas Insulated Transformer in Taiwan.
  • Exported to USA 3 sets of 345kV, 225MVA Generator Step Up transformers.
  • Licensed with Honeywell Technologies, Inc. for production and promotion of Amorphous Metal Core Transformers developed by GE for both Taiwan and Overseas Markets.
  • Licensed by Alstom, Switzerland, to manufacture High Voltage GIS.
  • Expanded Guan Yin Plant II, and completed the construction of Guan Yin Plant III for Switchgear production.
  • Licensed with ABB, Germany, to manufacture MV GIS.
  • Rewarded Quality Team Award by the Quality Assurance Committee of the Rep. of China.
  • Granted the Trade Technology Development Award.
  • Approved public stock offering by the Security Exchange Committee.
  • On July 29, Ex-President Den Huai Lee visited Chung Li Plant.
  • Successfully developed the Gas Insulated Switch.
  • Licensed with AlliedSignal Inc., U.S.A., to produce Amorphous Metal Core Transformers.
  • Construction of Guan Yin Plant II completed, launching the manufacture of up to 500 MVA 345 kV power transformers.
  • Became the 1st manufacturer in Taiwan heavy electrical industry certified for ISO 9001.
  • Mr. Pedro Hsu, President of Fortune Electric, was honored with the Excellent Business Executive Award and summoned by ex-president of ROC, Mr. Den Huai Lee.
  • Licensed with G&W Electric Co. of U.S.A. to supply SF6 Switches to Taiwan's market.
  • Construction of Kuan Yin Plant﹒
  • Acquired office building in Taipei and employee dormitories in Ta Yuan.
  • Licensed with ENCO, Austria for the production of Cast Resin Transformers.
  • Licensed with Hitachi of Japan for the production of power transformers up to 345 kV.
  • Licensed with Togami Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. of Japan for the production of SF6 Gas sealed Load Break Switches﹒
  • Licensed with Takaoka Electric Manufacturing Ltd. for the production of 69 KV and 161 KV ABS﹒
  • Successfully lead the development of Metal Oxide Arresters in Taiwan's transmission and distribution market.
  • Licensed with Meidensha Corp. to produce MCSG.
  • Implemented Company-wide Quality Control (CWQC) and factory-wide automation and rationalization.
  • Became the 1st manufacturer of pad-mount transformers, arresters and fuse cutouts in Taiwan.
  • Rated as an "Excellent Quality Control Manufacturer" of transformers and switchgears by the Bureau of Commodity Inspection and Quarantine in Taiwan.
  • Construction of the Chung Li Plant (Phase I & II) completed. Started manufacturing various types of transformers and electrical panels.
  • Licensed with McGraw-Edison Company to produce power transformers up to 230 kV, 120 MVA.
  • Qualified as a Class A manufacturer of 69 kV power transformers, 24 kV and 15 kV distribution transformers and switchgears by IDB.
  • Qualified as a Class A manufacturer of distribution transformers by IDB.
  • Fortune Electric was founded in Tu Cheng, Taiwan, manufacturing distribution transformers.